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The Reverend Al Sharpton is demanding a boycott of Barney’s after allegations surfaced that the department store racially-profiled two black shoppers. 

While speaking Saturday at his National Action Network, Sharpton urged African Americans to avoid Barney’s unless the store issues a suitable response. 

Trayon Christian claimed he was detained after buying a $350 belt.   After hearing Christian’s story, Kayla Phillips charged that she had a similar experience when purchasing a $2,500 bag.   

Meanwhile, Jay-Z has come under fire for his relationship with the high-end store.  The rapper, who is set to launch a clothing line with Barney’s, says he’s waiting for all the facts to surface.  Sharpton has reportedly defended Jay Z for waiting to take action, saying Barney’s is the enemy, not Jay Z.  

Jay Z is reluctantly addressing calls for him to cut ties with Barneys after allegations of racial profiling involving the luxury department store.  The hip hop mogul posted a statement to his "Life And Times" website Saturday saying he was, and still is, waiting for all the facts to come out before speaking out on the cases but says he felt compelled to say something due to what he called "the negligent erroneous reports and attacks" on his character. 

The rapper says he's being "demonized."  He says making a premature decision to pull out of his project with Barneys wouldn't hurt the store or him, but all the people who stand a chance at higher education. He explains he's against discrimination of any kind but says making snap judgments without all the facts is committing the same sin as someone who profiles.  

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