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STRAWBERRY LETTER - Ex-Husband Marries Mom Longterm Girlfriend


Hi Steve and Shirley, I called to schedule my son an appointment for a school physical and after giving my ex husband social more than one dependent showed up.So after I confirmed my son appointment I addressed my ex husband by simply stating “do you have any other children?” He was shocked and eventually confessed that he was married and the children weren’t his but he never told me WHO he was married to. So I went online and did a little research simply out of curiosity. So my ex husbands mother is a lesbian, she is always putting herself in the middle of me and my ex husband business concerning financial matters, our son, and our personal relationships. I discovered my ex married his mothers girlfriend of 2 years. They have been married for 1 year and they did it so she and her 3 children could have health benefits. Why would his mom want him to marry her longterm girlfriend whom is old enough to be his mom? What should I do signed a confused ex military spouse.


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