Man Claims His Face Is Being Used On Pizza Boxes

A dad in the U.K. claims that during a recent outing to Pizza Hut, his photo was taken and now a drawing of it is being used on pizza boxes at the chain. 

A month ago, Nick Richardson started receiving texts from friends and family asking how he got his face used on the boxes. Nick complained and Pizza Hut responded that a member of their creative team made the artwork, but they wouldn't send out the original photo the drawing is based on. 


Nick isn't buying it, asserting that his hair, beard, clothes and jewelry match, telling the Daily Mail, "Even the outline of the stubble is the same. It would be an enormous coincidence if it wasn't me."

In a statement, the restaurant chain said, "All the artwork imagery on our Pizza Hut boxes, including this picture, feature employees from our creative agency and all of them provided consent for their photos to be used. We have not used any members of the public in this campaign and we can confirm that this photograph is not of Mr Richardson."

Nick's not convinced, stating, "It all sounds a bit suspect to me."


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