Josiah Duggar Is Engaged... But There Are Some Questions

Congratulations are in order to Josiah Duggar - the Duggar family's eighth child just announced his engagement to Lauren Swanson!


In a press release, the Duggars said:

"We are so excited to announce that Josiah and Lauren are officially engaged! We have prayed for many years that the Lord would bring the right spouses to each of our children. We have known Lauren and her family for a very long time and have seen how she has grown in her knowledge and understanding of the Lord. She is a wonderful, caring, compassionate young lady, full of zeal for Christ. We are very thankful for her. We pray that their lives together will be full of joy and happiness and that God will use their lives for His service. We are looking forward to another Duggar wedding soon!"

However, some are surprised by the news because it's only been a few weeks since the pair began courting.


Other people are taking issue with the fact that the 18-year-old Lauren is too young for the 21-year-old Josiah to wed, but a lot of fans are confused because they actually thought Josiah was gay. 

Many Counting On watchers were under the impression that Josiah was sent to the ALERT Academy because of his rumored sexual orientation. The camp is meant for troubled teens to become closer to God, but gay kids are reportedly also sent there when their families don't agree with their lifestyle. 

It might not be the case though because Josiah has been courting for years and previously was with Marjorie Jackson


You can see Josiah and Lauren's full announcement video here


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