Kate Middleton Predicted Her Future As A 13-Year-Old In A School Play

In 2011, Kate Middleton married Prince William and it turns out that years earlier, when she was a 13-year-old student at St. Andrew's Preparatory School, her future was actually predicted by a school play she starred in.  

Someone captured video of Kate wowing the audience with her stage presence, but what really stands out is the dialogue. Her character visits a fortune teller who reveals that she will soon "marry a handsome man, a rich gentleman."

Later in the play, the psychic's prediction comes true as a suitor gets down on one knee and proposes to Kate. Her response? "It's been all I've ever longed for. Yes, oh yes dear William."


Kate and William are now expecting their third child together. The baby is due next month. 

Photo Credit: Getty


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