New Father Chronicles - For All the Dad's - Happy Father's Day!

New Father Chronicles


Hey, I’m La Guardia. This is my wife Leah, our oldest daughter Amalah and our youngest girl Nayely. In the beginning of 2014, I challenged myself to post videos on YouTube every week to document my quest to becoming a full-time artist. I’ve been rapping for years, I went to school for graphic design, and I used to draw toilets when I was two. I’m most proud of the toilet drawings.

One day along the journey, WHOOPS!

2 days after Amalah was born, I posted a few silly thoughts on Facebook about being a new daddy. I called it ‘New Father Chronicles’. The handful of friends and family that watched loved it, so I continued.

I’ve been posting videos every Wednesday for 4 years, 3 years as NFC. Leah’s allowed me to be silly with our girls online, we’ve been able to share not-so-silly things, and all the while we’ve received so much love from our online family.

To date, over 20 million have tuned in on YouTube. We’ve been covered by Huff Post, Buzzfeed, Today, Popsugar,, and more.


This video is when I became a DAD for the first time! (Check it Out!)

I'm about to be a DAD! My wife Leah is 18 weeks pregnant and her tentative due date is Nov 12. We wanted to make the announcement special...


To all the dads who open bags of chips silently, cry tears of joy when the grandparents arrive, pause mid-**** to make sure the bedroom door is locked, want the house to themselves for a day, and secretly play with the kid's toys when they were away.

Happy Father's Day!

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