Walker Hayes' 'Fancy Like' Gets A Festive New Spin From Straight No Chaser

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Walker Hayes recorded a single this year that’s hard to resist. Listeners have been cranking up the volume on “Fancy Like” and taking part in the popular TikTok dance that goes along with it.

Now, a nine-member a cappella group is putting a festive spin on the smash single that fans can enjoy year-round.

Straight No Chaser swapped out the Oreos for a gingerbread shake and got bougie like eggnog on the track “Christmas Like,” which the group debuted earlier this month. The vocalists don their best “holiday pajamas and a sweater with the lights,” because “that’s how we do, how we do, Christmas like oooh!”

“Straight No Chaser prides itself in not taking ourselves too serious,” Walter Chase of Straight No Chaser said. “The theme of Walker Hayes’s original ‘Fancy Like’, being a bit self-deprecating about what splurging on a date night looks, is exactly our group’s vibe. We talked about doing the song and decided to give the song a Straight No Chaser twist. Setting the song as how we’d celebrate our group’s Christmas party while keeping the original theme of the song was our goal.”

Hayes has delivered many high-energy performances of “Fancy Like,” and previously recalled to iHeartRadio that the song’s massive success “came out of nowhere. …it’s a love song for dudes with a mortgage and kids, and I love that. That’s a lot of people like me. There’s a lot of people out there who can relate.” Now, he’s already “obsessed” with his latest single, “AA,” which released last month (with a TikTok dance of its own, of course).

Watch Straight No Chaser’s holiday spin on the hit song here:

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