Chris Brown Responds To Woman Who Claimed He Kicked Her Out

Chris Brown

Foto: Getty Images

Chris Brown has heard plenty of stories from interesting fans throughout his career but recently he felt compelled to address one tall tale that's been floating around social media lately.

On Sunday, May 22, the singer took to his Instagram Stories to comment on an unknown woman's claim that he kicked her out of his bedroom because she wouldn't sleep with him. In his response, Breezy includes a clip from the viral video in question and insisted that the story she told was not true.

"Shawty fried," Brown wrote with a clown face emoji. "These are the type females that I would never smash. Sounds like I wasn't interested so she had to settle for one of the homies."

The woman's story was prompted by the "We In Miami" podcast's conversation about Brown's sexual history. After the hosts attempted to guess how many women the singer slept with, the woman chimed in with her alleged experience with Breezy.

"I ain't gon' lie, I'm not cool with him," the woman said. "I chilled with him once and he tried me, but he just kinda said, like, 'B***h, if you ain't suckin’ or f**kin’, get the f**k out."

Chris Brown doesn't seem too worried about her claims. The singer is focused on the release of his upcoming Breezy album, which drops on June 24. After teasing his fans for months, Brown finally revealed the official release date and cover art for the album earlier this month. He's also preparing to go on tour with Lil Baby this summer.

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