This Is The Best Milkshake In Louisiana

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Summer may be drawing to a close, but there are still times you may need to cool down in the warm temperatures outside or you simply want a sweet pick-me-up to brighten up your day. What better treat is there to enjoy than a milkshake?

Using Yelp reviews and ratings, Eat This, Not That! searched around the country to find the best milkshake in each state, from shakes exploding with chocolate to monster shakes topped with all kinds of candy and whipped cream. According to the site: "Whether you want to escape high temperatures and chill out or you want to share a romantic dessert with a loved one, these milkshake establishments deserve a place on your bucket list."

According to the list, the Caramel Shake at Milk Bar in New Orleans is the best milkshake in all of Louisiana. The restaurant may have plenty of delicious shake options, like the Chocthunder from Downunder and Strawberry Fields, but Eat This claims the top flavor is the Caramel Caramba.

The Milk Bar is located at 710 South Carrollton Avenue in New Orleans.

Here's what Eat This, Not That! had to say about the best milkshake in the state:

"A trip to the Big Easy wouldn't feel complete without a trip to this sandwich shop that serves up the best milkshakes in all of Louisiana. When the heat and humidity get you down, each one of their classic flavors not only helps you forget the temperature but can bring you right back to childhood. When you want to sit back and relax, make sure to grab one of these treats."

Check out the full report on Eat This, Not That! to see the best milkshake in each state.

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