This Is Louisiana's Best Sports Bar

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With both college football and NFL starting back up, as well as MLS soccer wrapping up and NHL preparing to hit the ice for the upcoming season, there are plenty of games to keep up with and what better spot to catch your favorite team that at a sports bar?

Using reviews, recommendations, awards and word of mouth, Mashed searched the country to find the best sports bar in each state, from longtime favorites to bars owned by former sports stars.

So what is Louisiana's best sports bar?

Bruno's Tavern

Though it has set up shop at different spots around New Orleans, returning to its original address in 2006, Bruno's has been a staple of the city since opening in 1934. A favorite for sports fans, the bar honors pivotal moments in local and state sports history with mementos adorning the walls.

Bruno's Tavern is located at 7538 Maple Street in New Orleans.

Here's what Mashed had to say:

"As of Super Bowl LV, 11 out of 55 Super Bowls have been played in New Orleans, Louisiana, and the city also hosts the Sugar Bowl every year — so it's no surprise that New Orleans sports bars gives fans something to cheer about. Obviously, Bruno's Tavern has a soft spot towards Saints black and gold, but you'll find teams and players of all stripes and colors featured on its 10 wall-mounted, high-definition flat screens. Like any self-respecting sports bar, key moments from sports history are emblazoned on the walls, such as the Saints' first division title and Tulane's perfect season. The menu isn't too shabby either, showcasing bar grub like fried mac and cheese, nachos, cheese fries, and more."

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