Amanda Seales Say's "Nah, I'm Good" to Renewing Her Deal with The Real!

There is a lot you can say about Amanda Seales, after all when you're a comedian, actress, activist and a true independent woman and thinker, really there's no end to what people have to say about you! But I can tell she does not care; good bad or ugly what other people think! So, it was no shock to me that when the folks from "The Real" television talk show swung back around to resign Ms. Seales after six months she said "Nah, I'm cool"! I love it! You and I both know, or maybe you don't, well I'm here to tell you, when you're in the media everything you say and do can be scrutinized in such a way that sometimes you just want to give up! And for some people it just isn't their cup of tea. I could tell seeing Amanda on the show, she was not having all of that! So, cheers toe Amanda Seales knowing her worth and where her time is better spent! All though I am going to miss seeing her on there, hmmm I guess I’ll just have to keep following her on the gram!