Nia Riley from L&HH Hollywood says Soulja Boy Put a Gun to Her Head, Watch!

Photo Credit: Youtube

Now I'm tripping because, I'm not hearing in this interview that her father "Teddy Riley" even had a word with Soulja Boy, or stepped in after hearing that he put a gun to Nia's head? Nothing, what's wrong with this picture? Oh let me tell you, my Dad would have at the very least rolled through with my brothers and had a few word's with Mr. Soulja or at the very least called the police after he and my brother rolled through and stood there while I packed up my belongings! I mean right is right... Right????

Well hopefully since he did that little bit of time Soulja Boy has gotten himself together and moved forward it has been quiet, and Nia has been quiet as well I'm surprised she sat down for this interview. I'm also surprised she hasn't gone back to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, I hear their checks are pretty good!