(WATCH) Marvel Announces Several New Films + Black Panther 2 Release + More

Photo Credit: Youtube-Marvel Studios

I'm so excited today Marvel Studios announced the return of so many great movies! But of course, I am most excited about Black Panther 2! Very little was announced except for its release date and title July 8th, 2022 is the release date for theaters and the title "Wakanda Forever"! No mention of Chadwick Boseman, who will replace him if anyone replaces him or anything. But of course, the rumor mill has started stirring about Michael B. Jordan's character Erik Killmonger coming back in some way as a good guy and well you know the whole thing. I heard that Chadwick Boseman had actually already filmed some of Black Panther 2 before he passed away last year, not sure how true that is but, wow, what if he did? that would be something wouldn't it? There may be and probably will be another Black Panther, but no one will have play that roll like Chadwick did, I am just saying he made it historic for the culture!

Below check out the trailer announcement that Marvel sent out announcing the return of some of their best films, it's also considered a tribute to Marvel Film stars and yes, the Black Panther can be seen in it! Enjoy