9 Times Social & Pleasure Club Second Line Sunday


19th Annual Parade

Lady Nine Times, 9 Superior Ladies, 9 Selective Ladies, and 9 Times Kids

2017 Queen: Shandrell "Woman" Simpson2071 King: Jerry Lewis AKA 9th Ward King2017 Ms. 9X's: LaKenya "GOF" Tyler

START at 2933 Louisa St. Up Louisa to 2488 Louisa St. to pick up King, Lady Nine Times, etc.

Continue up Louisa St. to Florida Ave, Over the Canal and continue up Louisa St. 

LEFT turn on N. Rocheblave St. Continue N. Rocheblave St. until Desire St.

RIGHT on Desire St. Continue on Desire St. to Desire and N. Claiborne.

STOP Stewart's Diner. Continue on Desire St. to St. Claude Ave. 

RIGHT on st. Claude. Continue on St. Claude Ave. to "Queenie's."

STOP 3200 St. Claude Ave. Continue on St. Claude Ave.

Brief STOP at 9th Ward Second Line Parade Mural. Continue on St. Claude to Franklin Ave.

RIGHT on Franklin Ave. Continue on Franklin Ave to 1939 Franklin Ave. 

STOP Frankline Ave. Bar (Dumaine Street Gang)

RIGHT on N. Johnson to Almonaster Ave. 

LEFT on Almonaster Ave. Continue on Almonaster Ave. over the bridge. Continue down Almonaster to Higgins Blvd.

RIGHT on Higgins Blvd. Continue down Higgins Blvd. to Louisa St. 

RIGHT on Louisa St. Continue down Louisa St. to 3100 Louisa St.

END Sampson Park

Here's a look at last year's parade: