Second line parades on East and Westbank Sunday

Dumaine St. Gang 20th Anniversary Parade Route

December 3, 2017 12:00 noon

START N. Villere & St. Philip (Treme Center)

Proceed up N. Villere Street to Dumaine Street. Take a RIGHT.  "Saluting Members at Rest." Continue up Dumaine Street to N. Claiborne.  Turn LEFT. Continue on Claiborne to Orleans. Turn RIGHT. Continue to  Jokyer Wyld/Mickey's Playhouse at 1933 Orleans Ave with Old & Nu  Style Fellas S&P.

Continue to N. Broad. RIGHT on N. Broad, continue to 902 N. Broad with Family Ties S&P Club at Impressive Barber Shop.

Continue on N. Broad to Ursulines Street. Right on Ursulines to N. Claiborne Ave. Nine Times S&P Club.

Left on N. Claiborne to Esplanade. Turn RIGHT. Continue to N. Rampart  St. LEFT to St. Bernard Ave. Turn LEFT and continue to 1131 St. Bernard  Ave. at Ray's on the Avenue with Sudan S&P Club.

Continue up St. Bernard to N. Claiborne Bridge to Hunter's Field. Undefeated Ladies and Gents.

Continue up St. Bernard to N. Galvez. Right on N. Galvez. Left to Aubry St. to Seal's Class Act. Seal's Class Act Outreach Club.

Left on St. Bernard. Continue on St. Bernard to N. Claiborne. RIGHT  turn on N. Claiborne to St. Philip. LEFT on St. Philip to Craig School.

DISBAND N. Villere & St. Philip.


The Westbank Steppers 28th Annual Parade Route

December 3, 2017Time 12 noon

START at 14324 Hero Blvd. Proceed down Hero to L.B. Landry. Down LB  Landry to Ptolemy. Left turn on Ptolemy and stop at 1335 Ptolemy and  leboeuf. Proceed down Leboeuf to Socrates. Right turn on Socrates. Down  Socrates to Hendee. Make right turn on Hendee. To Lawrence. Left turn on  Lawrence. Proceed down Lawrence to Sumner. Left turn on Sumner down  Sumner to Newton St. Left turn on Newton.

STOP at The Perfect Cut 1705 Newton St. Proceed down Newton to  Whitney Ave. Right turn on Whitney. Down Whitney to Opelousas. Left turn  on Opelousas. Down Opelousas to Leboeuf St. Make left turn on Leboeuf.  Proceed down Leboeuf to Newton. Left turn on Newton. Down Newton to LB  Landry. Turn right on LB Landry. 

STOP at the Free Riders 1115 LB Landry. Proceed down LB Landry to Lamarque St. Turn right on to Lamarque St. Down Lamarque St.

STOP at Sheila's Fantasy 1300 Nunez. Proceed to Socrates. Turn right  on Socrates. Down Socrates to Teche. Turn right on Teche. Proceed down  Teche to Newton St. Turn right on Newton. Down Newton to final

STOP at B's Spot (old Terrance Lounge)

Here's a look at both parades from last year: