Since 2002, WYLD-FM’s Sunday Journal with Hal Clark, five-time winner of the Best Radio Talk-Show Award by the Press Club of New Orleans during the organization’s annual Excellence in Journalism Awards Gala, has served one of the most important radio shows in New Orleans. Whether it is politics, education, health and wellness, social justice, Civil Rights, financial health, homeownership or the myriad of issues that surround New Orleans, the nation and our world, Sunday Journal delivers what FM-98’s listeners crave to hear. "For decades, this program has given listeners an opportunity to participate in a forum whose main objective is to inform and educate," says Hal. Sunday Journal provides listeners with the opportunity to not only hear from major figures not only from New Orleans, but also from around the nation and world. In addition, listeners get the opportunity to engage in conversation, ask questions, and maybe even debate Sunday Journal guests. Whether they are local leaders, national leaders, people of significance, celebrities or everyday folks, they all get an opportunity to be heard on Sunday Journal.