The election to fill the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Mary Landrieu isn't until November, but the air waves are already filled with political ads, primarily from the Landrieu and Bill Cassidy campaigns and from groups supporting or opposing the candidates.

Louisiana Pollster Bernie Pinsonat tells 99.5 WRNO the high number of ads at this point in the campaign is unusual but not surprising.

"This is the year that Louisiana plays a prominent role in the outcome of who controls the United States Congress and United States Senate. It has enormous political ramifications for both parties," Pinsonat said.

Pinsonat points out the high volume of ads shows a lot of money is being spent on the Senate campaign, "$30-40 million potential to be spent in Louisiana on this particular one U.S. Senate race," and that's great for the state's economy.

The only downside Pinsonat sees is for the group whose candidate loses.

Pinsonat admits voters could begin to tune out because of all the ads, but he says they won't get so sick of it that they won't go out and vote.

"The more attention a race gets, the tendency is more people will get interested and actually go out and vote," he said.