State Police plan to increase their presence during the upcoming Essence Fesitval and they’ll also begin patrolling where they’re needed throughout the city of New Orleans for the rest of the summer.

The need for additional resources was magnified after the early morning shooting Sunday that left 10 people injured on Bourbon Street.

“We want to look at a short term fix so we can provide some type of presence based on what we already have,” said Colonel Mike Edmonson, State Police Superintendent.

State troopers already help the city during big events. In addition to events like Essence, dozens of troopers help local, state, and federal investigative agencies in New Orleans. But the latest shooting on Bourbon Street could mean some of them are redeployed to patrol the streets.

“(If) you're seeing a uniform, no matter who it is, it deters those that want to do harm,” said Edmonson.

This marks the third major shooting on Bourbon Street in three years. Some visitors say, it makes them wary.

“To have a place like that with the violence happening makes you kind of wonder being out late at night if you want to come back and do that,” said Jack Hill from St. Louis.

Edmonson says the state's top official is very concerned about the situation. He says Governor Bobby Jindal wants to make sure every resource that can be deployed - is.

“It is so important, the world looks at New Orleans because that's the gateway to the rest of Louisiana.”