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STRAWBERRY LETTER - A Possible Brother


Goodmorning Ms Strawberry and Steve, Ok Im 27 ive known for about 11 years that I may have a brother. I first learned about him when i was in high school when a female i was in the grade with told me she over heard my father and her stepmom discussing him being in my possible brother’s life. We were young and i really didnt pay it any attention until we were at a party and my father was the Dj. My possible brother was there also, and when i tell you these guys look just a like i mean just a like. So now im like whoa maybe this is my brother. Well I brought it to my moms attention and i started comparing pictures and man he looks so much like my father and his brothers im like wow. My mom mention it to my aunt on my dads side and she told us that it was said quite a few times that he was the father of this guy and even mother was asked and she denied it. I was at a stopping point but i really want to know if he’s my brother and our daughters look so much a like and the funny thing is they share the same name. but i want to find out if he’s my brother what do i do? Should i approach him with it (the possible brother) or should i just let it be? Oh yeah here’s the but kicker me and the guys use to date when we were in middle school so do you know how sickening that was for me? Can you guys help me out give me some ideas please. I would love to be in my brother’s life along with his daughter.


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