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STRAWBERRY LETTER - Lil Brother Gone Wild


Hey Steve and Staff.

I’m a 15 year old African American female from Spring Valley, NY. The reason i am writing u this letter is because i have a 10 year old brother who has lost his mind. I live with both of my parents who are very good parents. But i need some advice and especially from you Steve cause you know how to keep it funky. My Lil brother spases out a lot. He talks back to my mother. When she asks her what did u say he’ll be like u know what i said so y are you asking me. At times i just wish he was my son and slap the hell outta him. Every time he disrespects my moms she doesnt do anything. She made an appointment for him to see a therapist but he claims he’s not gonna go. i bet your wondering where my father is well he’s there but he knows better to ever disrespect my father the way he does my mother. He is constantly disrespecting her, telling her to leave me alone, don’t talk to me, i don’t care, i hate you, punches walls, and everything else. He spases out all the time nonstop every time he doesnt get what he wants. Please help me and give my mom exactly what to do from, a praying daughter


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