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Hello morning crew!

I am a single, 33-year old woman, and I just recently received my Master’s degree in accounting. I have my own place, my own car, and I take care of myself. I am proud of my accomplishments and even more proud that I have not become a “baby mama”. I don’t want kids; not mine, not yours, not anybody else’s. When I tell people this, especially men, they look at me as if we were on the Jerry Springer show and I told them I was born a man….LOL. Sometimes I wonder if I’m living in a different economy than everyone else. I’m sorry, but is it not difficult to support yourself on just one income? I don’t want a big-headed, snot nose little critter that I have to pay for the rest of my life. I got student loans! People ask me if I would date a man with kids, and I tell them no. Let’s face it, people who have kids in today’s world, and are not together, they just don’t get along like they should. I really don’t want to be referred to as “daddy’s new tramp”. I have been told that it will be hard finding someone who doesn’t have kids and I will be alone forever, pretty much. At this point, I honestly have become okay with that because I do not want to settle. Why should I? I like to think that all the relationships that exist out there are because people pursued the one they wanted, and succeeded. My question is: am I wrong for feeling this way? How is me saying I want a man with no kids, different from a man saying he only dates black women? Or white women? It’s all about preferences, right? Or am I missing something? If you could possibly shed light on this topic, I would greatly appreciate it.


Dateless in Delaware.


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