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STRAWBERRY LETTER - Stop Sneaking...I know what you're doing

STRAWBERRY LETTER - Stop Sneaking...I know what you're doing

Good Morning Steve, Shirley, Tommy and Carla, I listen to your show everyday on my way to work and was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am a 31 year old mother of two and I have been married over seven years. I have noticed that our “relations (meaning my husband and I) have decreased to almost nothing. I have to almost coax him into having relations. Both times while I was pregnant it was like pulling teeth. My Aunt was amazed as to how I even got pregnant not once but twice. Anyway I remember Steve saying a while ago that even when men are sick they still want to have sex. Here’s the problem. My husband in my mind is addicted to porn. It’s all on the computer. He tries to have a password on his computer but I know it so I check everyone now and then to make sure its only females he is looking at…THANK GOD!!!….cause that was question number 1. They are usually white or Latino girls. Occasionally black girls. Needless to say I am African American. Anyway I notice that in the middle of the night he makes a trip to the hall linen closet to obtain a wash cloth. I mean I am not stupid I know what he is doing. I once found over 100 tapes and DVD’s in the basement. My question to you all is: What can I do to change is interested from the computer to me. Steve don’t tear me up to bad but I have to mention I am a very attractive young lady and have the opportunity at anytime to have my needs met outside the home but he is the father of my children and I love him and would not do that even though we average three times a year. I want to have relations with him and only him. Stop using all my wash clothes!!!


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