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STRAWBERRY LETTER - Waiting on a separated/married man

STRAWBERRY LETTER - Waiting on a separated/married man

Hi, I have a restarted a relationship with a man who is supposedly in the separation stage of his divorce. The reason I say restarted relationship is because 24 years ago we dated for two years until I found out he was married which at the time he told me he was separated. He states that he has and always has been in love with me and he is ready to give this relationship his all. I am 15 years younger than him. Yes, I ask him always if this is not a man menopause stage. Then about a year ago we hooked back up and he told me he was getting a divorce. He removed himself from the house which was to his daughter house. He continues to pay rent and she(his wife) continues to call him. We talk everyday and he said he loves me but allow him to take care of his finances as well as the divorce. Yes, we have seen each other but only few times since we live so far apart. I am too old for this and my patience is wearing thin. Steve, during one of your shows you stated that as a divorce man you had to regroup. What should I continue to allow this man to “regroup” or should I walk away ? I love him but I am too old for this sort of stuff. How do I find out if he is true? If so, how do I stand beside him and when do I put my foot do? His wife does know about me and she even ask that I step aside to let them work on their marriage and she couldn’t believe I would wreck a marriage. My reply was don’t blame this on me because I wasn’t around for 24 yrs so that was long enough to work on it. Yes, a lot of questions but so much at stake.


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