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STRAWBERRY LETTER - What You Gonna Do about Trifling Cousin?

STRAWBERRY LETTER - What You Gonna Do about Trifling Cousin?

Dear Steve and Shirley,
Me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost six years. He and I both have three kids from previous relationships. And since we have been together,we have had two more. Okay so here is the issue. In the 6 years that we have been together he has only had one job that lasted maybe 3 months. I have always been the only one working.A side from that his cousin also stays with us.He(cousin)has been shot in the past and at one point was rehabilitating very well, but since then he(cousin)has gotten lazy and has actually taken alot of steps back with his health. He doesn’t want to get up and simply use the restroom or wash, so this has left my house with lots of foul smells, but he(boyfriend) keeps him(cousin)there because of the check he(cousin)gets every month.His kids come down for the summer and they treat EVERYTHING like it’s a play ground, I’ve got broken doors,broken furniture. They don’t listen and show alot of disrespect.I tell him he needs to discipline his children,but he acts as if, he does so then they will hate him and not want to come around any more.I tell him his cousin needs to move out,but he says WE need the money the cousin is giving every month.I tell him I need his help with the bills and providing of our family and he turns it all around on me, that I’m spending to much and not bringing in ENOUGH!!I find myself having to go out and beg or steal almost every day so that my family can eat and alot of times I go without eating so that everyone else can.We are all sleeping on the floor and have no furniture(I’ve never been like this before him).I have even brought jobs to him on a silver platter and he always ends up coming up with a reason why he doesn’t want to work it.He ends up blowing up so much when I simply try to talk to him about things(he feels as if he is the king and what he says goes).Steve I’m tired!!!I want to leave,but I have no where to go.I want him to leave,but he won’t do it peacefully.Help!!
Enough is Enough


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